Good and delicious fat… as always!

An al fresco experience can’t get any better with this delicious grilled young octopus avocado salad served at Infiniti restaurant of Sheraton Pattaya. You know avocado is packed with good fat that nourishes your skin and your soul.
For those who think Pattaya is too close to give you a good time, try driving out to the Sheraton and dine at their Infiniti restaurant overlooking the Pattaya Bay (see picture below).

The resort is one of the best or the best if you consider their Starwood’s amenities and services into account. And the food there is just fantastic. Apart from this salad, we also loved their pizza, squid-inked pasta served with loads of blue crab meat and grilled chicken sandwich on foccacia.

And if you stay overnight. Do not miss their fabulous Mez, an Asian fusion restaurant that serves unstoppable spicy-fried edamame beans as a free appetizer. Dress chic and comfortable here for it is a lounge-cum-restuarant overlooking the beach.
Sheraton now has a summer promotion and it is a good thing for it only take 2 hours driving on the expressway. One recommendation though, take the old Sukhumvit road (use the double-decker expressway) through the city of Chonburi. Despite some rush hours, the quality of the road will give you and your car a peace of mind.
Sheraton Pattaya: T: 038- 259-888

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