Kuan Ah has moved..but still serves the best Hainanese chicken rice

I really should stop eating like this!!
It was my dad who first took me to this eatery where I, at the age of 5, thought they had the biggest round tables I had ever seen in my life. Kuan Ah’s look is more like a canteen than a restaurant and clienteles here are in families, most Chinese families of course.
The staples include their succulent Hainanese chicken rice (Bt250-500/half and whole) served with their preserved bean dipping sauce and fresh minced ginger, garlic and chilies to taste. Then, you must order their pad chap chai or stir-fried mixed vegetable with seafood and a pot of their hot pot- Hainanese style.
But recently, on way to Kuan Ah which has been sitting on the corner of Sathorn road as long as I can remember, my dad and I found the place closed! Permanently. So I resorted to the Web and found a listing on Pantip.com that they had moved to a new place on Rama 3, along the river. So we went right there to check if the food are still the same.
And they certainly are. I also had a chance to talk to Khun Nangnoi, the second generation owner, and she told me that they are now on the third generation of the head chef and the restaurant is now 61 years old. The secret of their lovely chicken, apart from the fact that their poultry come solely from their designated farm in Nakorn Pathom, is their traditional recipes for cooking the chicken and the rice.. and their clever use of the chicken soup to subtly flavour other dishes.
If you are in the mood for steamed chicken rice, this place is a heaven. Kuan Ah is on Rama 3 Road, near SV City. T: 02-682-7747-8. Daily: 10am-10pm. Bring lots of friends for their portion is quite big.

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