A Granny’s Treat

Simple meatballs give great fun and comfort to a party. And I particularly like to drive out once in a while to buy Paeng Thong’s scrumptious meatballs when I have plans to meet friends for party. Paeng Thong makes their own pork and beef balls (Bt6/apiece) from freshest meats and the result is an irresistable treat.

I call this place Lookchin Khun Yai (Granny’s meatballs) because when you go there during the day, a granny (the owner’s very active mother) is there all the time at the cashier to make sure that everything goes smoothly at her busy outlet.

The place serves just two kinds of lookchin (meatball) noodles of pork and beef during the day and grilled lookchin. During rhe evening, the menu expands to cover duck and pork rib rice soups for those needing something warm before bedtime.

T: 02-531-4199. Paeng Thong is on Phaholyothin 61. Open daily: 9.30am – 8pm.

P.s. don’t forget to add a spoon of the provided chili vinegar when eating the noodle soup and enjoy the grilled lookchin with their homemade syrupy sauce.


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