Je Jong’s Glorious Fat

Je Jong’s does care if you are watching your weight…
And most of her customers seem to enjoy it too.
Je Jong’s delicious pork rice is Bt20 with a heap of rice and a pile of crispy pork belly on top of it. You’d better add her spicy nampla sauce as you go or munch it with the provided fresh veggies.
Her shop is located right next to the rear exit of Tesco Lotus Rama 4 (via Rim Thang Rod Fai Kao Street) and you won’t miss it for the long queue permanently cemented there.
While most of her clienteles are motocyclist messengers, anyone who look for a hearty meal can drop by for her food. The Bt20 pork rice will be Bt25 if you add a boiled egg and a plate (with or without the egg) entitles you for unlimited supplies of steamed rice.
Je Jong’s is best for catering for a lot of people. Her crispy pork is well fried … so good.. and you can buy just the pork for Bt20 per 10 grams if you want it to be a part of your larger meal. Say with sticky rice instead?
Je Jong’s T: 083-013-2574. Open daily from 6am – 3pm. Big crowd during lunch. Closed Sundays. Prepare to line the queue. Parking at Tesco.

3 thoughts on “Je Jong’s Glorious Fat

  1. You’ve done it again…torturing me at this odd hour of the night! I am starving right away when I see pix in your blog..hi hi. I like your interview for ‘Jud Plien’ though, very informative and clever tips for big spenders.

  2. เป็นอาหารที่น่าทานมาก
    ราคาก็ถูกมากด้วย เคยผ่านไปหลายครั้ง
    เห็นทีไรคนแน่นร้านทุกที เลยไม่เคยได้ทานเลย

  3. 1/2 a world away in Canada and your description of Je Jong’s awakens my appetite!

    delicious envy!


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