Princess Mother’s Wedding Menu

My recent visit to Princess Mother’s Memorial Park on Thonburi was a very happy one. Aside from the fact that the memorial park is plain lovely, it houses a small museum featuring Princess Mother’s life from childhood that revealed the fact that she is Thailand’s truthful Cinderella.
Princess Mother was born an ordinary girl in a Thonburi house near Wat Anong area. Later, she was submitted to be under the royal patronage and furthered and excelled her studies in nursing. She was later selected to further her studies in the US where she met Prince of Songkla, a son of King Rama V, who was later became her husband. They have three children, Princess Kalayanee Wattana, King Rama 8 Ananda Mahidol and the existing King Rama 9 Bhumibhol.
Princess Mother passed away at the age of 94 on 18 July 1995 but her life lives on among all of us as we witness the greatness of our King.
I took a picture of her wedding card with list of banquet of the very special day. The wedding was officially held at Sra Pathum Palace earlier but the then head of government wanted to hold another party for the couple at Baan Saladaeng and thus the menu that consisted of:
Shark fin soup
Suckling Pork
Fried bamboo shoot with sea crabs
Seafood rolls
Sweet and sour pigeons
Sweet and sour kok siem bee soup
Oyster hot plate
Kale and oyster sauce
Birdnest soup
Ice cream
Fresh fruits
The Princess Mother Memorial Park is a lovely shady place with museum, the Princess’ model home, a big green space and lots of chairs to sit and relax. Its location on the old quarter of Thonburi makes it even more charming. Parking is available. The Park is having a party on 20-21 October to celebrate the Princess’ 107th Birthday.


One thought on “Princess Mother’s Wedding Menu

  1. Thank you for lovely story of the late Princess mother. I like the term she is a “truthfully cinderella.” Can’t wait to visit the museum.

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