A Big Fat Greek Lunch

Olive Greek restaurant’s fabulous selections

Our last trip to Croatia and Eastern Europe exposed us to the all-meat gourmet of the Mediterranean. But believe me, you’d be better off dining out at Olive where they serve fabulous Greek and Mediterranean staples like kebabs and meze dips along with pita bread.

I don’t know what got into me, but since I tried Olive weeks ago, what I can now think of is to drop by at this place to have some more food. And we managed to drop by there again two days ago.

Their lovely chicken kebab with BBQ sauce (pictured above) is fantastic!! You can have it single (Bt135) or in a set of salad or curly fries (as scrumptiously seen here)and a soda for Bt225. We also loved their Mediterranean Platter (Bt395) that comes complete with favorites like chicken and beef or lamb kebab on skewers (properly called ‘Souvlaki’ in Greek), dolma (tangy pickled vine leaves stuffed with rice and meat), two filo pastry (Tyropita which is cheese and Kreatopita which is chicken or beef) and two pieces of Soutzouki (grilled beef sausage) which my husband and I lived on during that long trip. It was the only thing we could manage to order and that was done by pointing our fingers at the next table.

And the meze selections with pita bread to shove on to …

And while there, you must try Khun Oun’s fabulous greek yoghurt (Bt100) which, as she explains, is ultra thick and smooth thanks to the furthered process of hanging the curd for another 10 hours – greek style.

Delivers are also available in town area. Olive Kebab and Cafe, 2F, All Seasons Place (Near Tops Supermarket), T: 02-685-3989. Open daily: 11am – 9pm.


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