Cultivating Dreams and Imaginations

Ajarn Thavorn Ko-udomvit’s weekend art workshop for children is where he spawns new generations of dreamers

Ardel’s is the place where Ajarn Thavorn, a national artist best known for his elaborate print arts, transforms to mingle, encourage and praise children to explore their dreams and creativities. The artist uses his own experience raising up his own children when he did nothing much but encouraging them in whatever they do, especially when they got to work on paper and draw and paint and explore their innerselves.

“Fear is the worst thing for a child and in order to let them grow we need them to explore, not by teaching them to draw beautifully but by encouraging them to explore here,” he says pointing towards his heart. “Telling children not to draw or paint outside the drawn pictures or frames is the worst thing you can do to raise them up.”

His classroom is always packed and there is a long waiting list to get in. Children are encouraged to explore their imaginations using different art tools and best of all they are able to show their works to the public as well. Ajarn Tavorn recently exhibited their works in his own next door, spacious gallery, Ardel.

In ‘Everyday, 365 Daily Meditations for the Here and Now,’ Osho, on Day 253, wrote:

“…Science can never win against art, and logic can never win against love. History can never win against myth, and reality is poor compared to dreams, very poor…”

And here’s the man.

Ardel‘s exhibitions rotate regularly. And its coffeeshop, overlooking a small garden, serves wonderful drinks and snacks., T: 02-422-2092


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