Beef bristket noodle at Chee Kee

We began our week-long Hong Kong trip with this bowl of beef brisket noodle, famously offered at Chee Kee’s at Causeway Bay..

We are here at Hong Kong to finish my book on Hong Kong street food. And we have stayed for a week now. The first thing we ate was this fabulous noodle at Chee Kee who never let us down. Chee Kee just moved from their previous location on Russel Street opposite HK’s Time Square to Percival Street just round the corner. The atmosphere is brighter with the place’s main yellow hue and a bit more space for the tables.

Chee Kee is always crowded most of the day and it offers staples of Hong Kong such as arrays of noodles, from egg noodles to rice noodles, in broths of wanton, beef, beef brisket and tendons, pork knuckles, shitake mushroom and so on. Their ‘joks’ are also smooth and delicious. My favorite is their thousand year egg and shredded pork version which has to be enjoyed with chunks of yao ja kwai (fried Chinese doughs).

Chee Kee used to serve breakfast too, but we found the place closed one morning when we dropped by hoping to enjoy their set breakfast that was served with yin-yang mixed tea and coffee with loads of cream…

We can always walk everything off in Hong Kong. More foods will be posted later.

Chee Kee, Pecival Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. MTR Exit A, 11.30am – midnight.


4 thoughts on “Beef bristket noodle at Chee Kee

  1. I used to live in HK and love their wonton noodle soup. It definitely has tastier, original seafood flavor than the Thai-Chinese version. My favorite place is a hole-in-the-wall “Jeem Jai Kei” in Central (next to mid-level escalator just south of Queen’s Road and opposite the fresh fruit juice stall). Unfortunately, I don’t remember the street name, but just head toward the mid-level escalator. Start walking up the hill from Queen’s Road (about 50 meters) and it is on the left.Hope you are still in HK now to try the golf-ball size shrimp wonton. Don’t forget to add their proprietary chili sauce.

  2. Thanks for the info. I bought some for my wife and she said that they were the best noodles she's ever had!I really enjoyed the crab congee too!

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