Hong Kong’s Green Spaces

Children enjoying their weekend at the Hong Kong Park…

Steps from our hotel, Island Shangri-La, on Hong Kong Island, we had a glimpse of Hong Kong’s weekend lifestyle. Families, couples and wedding couples come to enjoy the cool breeze in the rare green spaces of Hong Kong. The Park is smacked right in the middle of Central area where businesses are located. Weekends see children running around and this fountain is a poppular location for photos.

Phi Vicky, a Thai native who moved to HK decades ago, told us that HK Park is a favorite green spot for all HK dwellers. They consider themselves luckly to be able to conveniently drop by at this well-maintained park at no time. HK people appreciate speed, time and money and thus the convenient location of the park means people there can get quick dosage of fresh air as soon as they want to. The park is the space for anyone to do their picnic, lunch, or even chat with friends.

The park also features Flagstaff Teaware Museum which is lovely and set in a historic Flagstaff building bird sactuary and botanical garden, too.

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