Mido’s half-century history

Hong Kong’s Cha Chaan Ting showcases old-day charms

We traced back Hong Kong’s culinary past by making a visit to Mido Cafe at the corner of Temple Street on Kowloon side. The place is 57 years old and it still keeps all its old-day charms such as faded tiled floors, walls and white-washed ceiling. Mido’s ambience will put everyone right back into time when computer has not been a part of our body and times could be taken leisurely and sometimes for granted..

May be it is the way life should be spent.

Mido overlooks the famous Tin Hau Temple where people come to pay respect to the Goddness of the sea. Its location at the corner of busy Temple Street means you get to see the bustling business taking place every evening when tourists flock the alley for bargains.

We tried their beef sandwich, fried noodle, iced milk tea and yun yong which is Hong Kong’s style hot drink of mixed tea and coffee with cream. The artery-clotting drink is aromatic and nice, especially in the cool day.

Mido is one of the rare existence of Hong Kong’s traditional cha chaan ting which is all-day dining bistro for people in the past when the country was slowly recovering from the post-war economic sluggish. People needed tasty and affordable meal to run their life and at cha chaan ting they can have breakfast, lunch and dinner and also all things in between.

A typical menu for cha chaan ting include the house’s Chinese, westernized, dishes such as the sandwiches (think combination of egg and beef and pork chop bun), pineapple bun, all sorts of home-baked items and drinks. Some cha chaan tings were derived from the disappearing dai pai dong (food hawkers) thus embrace the new tea house elements with their Chinese specialties, resulting in full-blown menus consisting of all Chinese fares (think hainanese chicken rice, wanton min) and westernized fixes (beef steak, pork chop, lamb chop etc..).

Mido Cafe
63 Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, Tel: 852-2384-6402
Opening Hours: 8.30am – 9.30pm
MTR: Yau Ma Tei, Exit C


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