A (long) Train of .. Food..

Our group just had a small NY party at the tried-and-true Ros Sabieng Thai Restaurant on Sukhumvit 11 (walkable from BTS Nana) and savoured the following delicious dishes:

1. ‘Kratong Thong’ (Thai-style ‘golden’ bucket of savoury made of shrimp, sweet corn, Bt120)

2. ‘Hors d’oeuvre of Northern Train’ which includes all Thai Northern favorite snacks of green chili dip, deep fried pork, Thai sausage, Northern-style spicy sausage and steamed veggies, Bt350)
3. ‘Gung + Namlieb’ (Baked prawns with pickled Chinese olives, Bt150)

4. ‘Pla Krapong Sadung Nampla’ (deep fried white snapper with fish sauce, Bt290)
5. ‘Gaeng Som Cha-om Kai Tod’ (Spicy and Sour Soup with Fried Acacia with Egg and Shrimp, BT140)
6. ‘Moo Yang Kratiem’ (Spicy Salad with Grilled Pork and Fresh Garlic and fresh young coconut shoot, Bt120)

7. Som Tam Thai
8. ‘Hoy Krang Pad Prik Pao’ (Stir-fried cockles with toasted chili sauce, Bt110)
9. ‘Poo Pad Pong Kari’ (Stir-fried crab meat in curry sauce)
10. ‘Yam Pak Boong Tod Krob’ (Spicy salad of crispy-fried morning glory with shrimp and manho salad, Bt130)

Tam, owner’s daughter, is also a good chef herself, but with more honed skills for Western/French cuisines. I got to know this girl a couple of years back when I interviewed her for her own restaurant, Platform 1, on Samsen Road, that features Tam’s arrays of Western favorites (we will go there later, too).

Ros Sabieng has made a good name for being a decent Thai restaurant that does not oversharge tourists although it is located in a very touristic area of BKK. And their food are quite good too. We once dropped by and ordered arrays of typical Thai one-dish lunch of ‘moo krapao’ (pork & basil rice), ‘kao pad’ (fried rice), ‘pad see-iew’ (stir-fried rice noodle with kales and pork) and much more and were not disappointed. They did pretty well on the scale of Thai tastes – tasty, clean with comfortable air-con room to sit and take a break from the outside heat.

The restaurant is set in a big, old-style Thai house with a scale model of electric train with some seating areas imitating the railway carriage, hence the name ‘Ros Sabieng’ which in Thai means the ‘restaurant cars.’

Outside tables are available on their big terrace overlooking a plush courtyard of tropical garden. Live music nightly… plus big screen for football matches, too.

Tam’s homemade cakes are also available at the restaurant.

Ros Sabieng is open daily from 11am – 11pm. T: 02-253-5868-9

Map to Ros Sabieng



One thought on “A (long) Train of .. Food..

  1. Ahh, the food looks and sounds great!

    Your maps are cool too. Now in 6 months time you can do a small entry with a combined “tour” of great food places in certain neighbor hoods that you have blogged about, or a “tour” for meals under a certain price that you reviewed, or an entry for a “tour” of a certain style of meal which you have written about over the prior year … hence tourists as well as fans of great food can enjoy your blog! Maybe even you could have tourist web sites link to your blog …

    Whether or not that side topic interests you, it is nice to read and see about the great food and places that you blog about. Now if the internet only let us smell the flavours too!

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