A Clear View on a Cloudy Day

I couldn’t believe it rained yesterday. I had two big meetings in town that required me to drive out and the rain just made my trip much much worse!!!

Anyway, there’s a big compensation. The first meeting was an interview with the famed Le Bua’s CEO Khun Deepak Ohri who is commencing a new huge project namely ‘Emotional Tourism.’ Well, it is similar to Bill Gates’ ‘Creative Capitalism’ in which money are poured in to help the poor in the world. Ohri’s project is starting this April where 100 international super-riches will fly in to Bangkok, spend their days in Thailand and travel to see poor regions/areas of Thailand and one more selected country.

Whatever that trip might eventually bring to the poor, I myself got hungry after the interview and got to be like a millionaire for an hour and a half. Our lunch was perched on 63rd Floor of State Tower and in Thailand’s most expensive Italian restaurant ‘Mezza Luna’ where Acqua Panna sparkling water is Bt500 a bottle, starters starting at around Bt650 and main at about Bt1,200. They also serve rare, top-grade caviar, at about Bt20,000 a plate. But I got no nerve to disturb the sturgeons.

Here are what we had instead…

A basket of lovely bread.. they served this with ricotta foam in capsicum infusion

Scottish langoustine salad with Alaskan crab and avocado tartar and dill dressing (Bt980).

Pan-seared fillets of John Dory served on a pillow of roasted leeks, fresh porcini mushroom drizzled with Pinot Noir essence and topped with crispy potato ribbon (Bt1,310)

I also had a dessert of pineapple ravioli served with ice cream.

And here are the clear view of Bangkok and the river from our table, and the interior of the restaurant. This is where they hosted the controversial one-million-baht-meal at last year’s Epicurean Masters II.

Thanks again Khun Deepak, Khun Pook and Le Bua for the view and meal.

If you have money to spend or want to impress someone very very special, Mezzaluna is open daily at State Tower, Silom Road. T: 02-624-9555. http://www.thedomebkk.com



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