The World’s Best Chicken Noodle Soup

We are lucky to have Khun Ae Ratchada as a neighbor, and lucky enough to have her loving us all back. Her cooking is just heavenly, especially the Thai home-cooked dishes that always win our hearts and souls.

Last night she made chicken noodle soup – my favorite (among many others). Khun Ae’s best friend Je Ting is the owner of the recipe, but Khun Ae typically adapted the recipe somehow in the middle of her several pots and stoves and made it all hers.

Je Ting yesterday gave Khun Ae two chickens. Khun Ae and Khun Gang, her lovely chubby hubby, drove all the way to Ayutthaya to Je Ting’s home to pick up the food (along with more fruits and stuff) and made us all yet another mind-blowing dinner.

Her chicken noodle is hearty with the fabulous clear chicken soup. For those who like to try making the dish at home, Khun Ae reluctantly reveals the secret that you must be patient and boil a whole chicken (with meat cut up and bones chopped up to fit the pot) on a very very low heat and then flavor the soup up with the best salt you can afford (personally, a decent sea salt that does not break your wallet will definitely do, try Utaandon’s sea salt, Bt30/bag, Utaandon Restaurant at the Emporium).

And this is her special crispy garlic and pork crisp..(kratiem jiew)

At her place, we had two big bowl of egg noodle and vermicelli – with the clear soup on the side. If only I could say anything better to describe the feeling of eating her food…. Well, I have tried a lot of food, but in the end nothing can be compared to this women’s cooking.

And sorry, you can’t even go there this time. The meal is by invitation only!! 😉 Just imagine the life (and size) of her husband.

One thought on “The World’s Best Chicken Noodle Soup

  1. Food glorious food!

    Glad you don’t discriminate on price!
    Curious to know if Ayutthaya’s markets are better then Bangkok’s?

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