What Goes Around Comes Around

A keiten sushi (conveyor-belt sushi restaurant) has always been our choice when traveling to Japan. It is delicious, fun and cheap; we get to sit on the counter and choose from the rolling choices of sushi and enjoy the foreign sound of Japanese-language shouting from the open kitchen whenever an order is placed, money is received and customers walking in and out of the restaurant.

Normally, a plate of two bites starts at about Y120 (about Bt36) but we always end up paying about Y2,000 (Bt600) for two in Japan.

In Japan, our favorite is called ‘something’ in Shinjuku area. We stumbled upon that place one hungry evening on our way to the nearby electrics town (where they have buildings after buildings with all dedicated floors for electronics goods, games, and porn VDOs :). The place was loud and energetic with sellers’ shouting noises even in a freezing day, but the people there were friendly and kind and made our meal very memorable.

In Japan, a sushi has a much thicker layer of fish on top than one in Thailand. And two bites of otoro (tuna fatty belly) costs only Y500 (Bt150). Green tea (with hot water tap at the counter top) and pickled ginger are available for free in a self-service style on the counter top.

Here at Bangkok Central World, we tried one quite authentic keiten sushi. The newly opened ‘Heiroku’ hails from Sendai – a Northern province of Japan where fresh fishes are caught along the province’s long coastal line. But BKK Heiroku’s fish is much thinner than what we experienced in Japan, and the price starts at Bt29 (for something that costs so cheap such as crab stick, cucumber and shrimp roe, and some mayonnaise-top corn and, again, crab stick) to Bt39, Bt59, Bt79, Bt99 and Bt199.

We went there twice and ended up paying about Bt500 each since we found most decent choices are at Bt59, Bt79 and Bt99 a plate, including salmon toro (fatty belly), makuro (tuna), unagi rice roll, steamed eggs, crispy fried shrimps and grilled salmon cream and grilled tuna. Green tea is also free here.

Despite the prices that go against the current strong Baht, we still like this place enough to go there again whenever the crave for sushi arises.

Heiroku Sushi, 7th F, Central World, T: 02-613-1200


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