Assorted (Macanese) Dogs

We just got back from a long eating trip to Macau. Will post about the food later, but here are 5 cute dogs we met along the way….

This meaty guy is waiting for his master who was chilling out at the corner of Taipa Food Street’s fresh market. It was about 15 degrees Celsius that evening.

Doesn’t she look just like a lion? She was barking so loud in the small alley near the Senado Square. As soon as we took her picture, her owner took her to eat with him at the nearby food street stall…

This one was dozing off at the top of the Macau Museum while on duty guarding the property. 🙂

Dogs are so gifted to make you feel instantly loved… so loved that I wanted to take this limping one home. Look at her eyes!! She was a dog at Kun Iam Temple, one of the largest temples in Macau. Her den is placed comfortably near the kitchen… but she does not have a proper bed and all.

We just had a fabulous Portuguese dinner at O’Manell on Taipa Island when we met this beautiful creature who offered us sloppy kisses. The owner, hearing us muttering in Thai, talked to us in Thai, revealing that he was onced married to a Thai lady..

One thought on “Assorted (Macanese) Dogs

  1. รูปมีแต่สวยๆ นะครับคุณพี่โอ๋

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