Tai Lei Loi Kei (The Porkchop Bun of Taipa)

Everyday at 3pm, special soft buns are baked fresh for porkchop bun lovers who want to divert from the usual sweet bun or bread to the place’s specialty of ‘bao’ style bun which is munchier than the usual bread, yet soft and scrumptious. Our plane arrived Macau at 2.30pm, and this is the first place we went on our recent eating trip…..

Despite the long line and all, we managed to order two large pieces of the porkchop bun in the special bread, a plate of fish ball and squid with spicy curry sauce, and milk tea for each… very very nice. The pork here is very good. Coming from Thailand where pork & garlic is quite a norm, we found this place innovative and lip-smacking. Couple with the fact that the line is long and the weather is cold, eating outside is purely a nice treat.

MOP$15 for a pork chop bun
MOP$17 for squid&fishball platter
MOP$8 for milk tea

Tai Lei Loi Kei has been around for over 40 years, and now on the second generation by Ms Chan Ka I, the place is now an institution on Taipa where developments of new casino resorts are coming up real fast.

This is the line when we arrived..

Don’t call, just hail a taxi and go there before 3pm if you want the try the freshly baked bun. T: 821150


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