O Manel – O Delicious

Portuguese dishes, result of over 400 years of Portuguese influence in Macau, are famously delicious. Most of them are seafood – grilled or simply fried with loads of very aromatic Portuguese olive oil and Mediterranean herbs.

Succulent lemon clams – so fresh with aromatic herbs at O Manel – one of the best places we visited while in Macau. I truly recommend those who have only a few days in Macau to at least go there – even if you would be too tightly tied at the slot machines.

Charcoal-grilled fresh sardines is one of the specialties at O Manel. To get a true taste of Portuguese, this is the dish you MUST try. Way to eat begins with fingers, holding the fish up to your mouth and savour… Some drizzle the fish with olive oil or lemon, too.

Ahhh… and with those fingers… you might want to continue being messy with these wonderful fried spicy prawns… which are so fresh and tasty.

Grilled cuttlefish – be careful when cutting those pieces. They are still full of ink which can splash your shirt (like it happened to us). The way Portuguese serve grilled seafood is with clean-tasting olive oil marinade with chopped garlic, onion and parsley. I am now addicted to their super fresh green salad dressed in nothing but olive oil, white wine vinegar and rock salt.

And here is our last dish there … but it is a dish I kept thinking about the tastes long after. Manuel told me that he uses young pork and marinate the pieces with sea salt.. That’s it!! and charcoal-grill it just like that. This is one of the must-trys. So good.

O Manel is on Taipa Island. If you stay on Macau, take a taxi. Address: Rua de Femao Mendes Pinto, No. 90 R/C, Taipa, Macau. T: (853) 2882-7571, 2882-5811. Hours: Noon – 15.30 and 18.00 – 23.00. Closed Wednesdays.


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