Five-Star A Lorcha

I guess I should start my personal rating for restaurants – just for fun. And definitely in Macau, I would think about A Lorcha as one of the best places to go.

A Lorcha is one of the very first Portuguese-Macanese restaurants established when the casino monopoly was lifted. They serve wonderful breads to start with… I love their breads much more than any other restaurants. So five stars for the scrumptious bread that are wonderful to accompany any dishes below:

Cal Verde is a traditional ‘Macanese’ soup made from creamy potato and ribbons of fresh kale. (Behind the soup is the famous bread)

My personal favorite of ‘Pig’s Ear Salad’ which is made from chopped pig ear dressed in freshly chopped cilantro, white wine vinegar, olive oil, onion and garlic. So strong is the flavour that you might forget the fatty factor of the dish. A Lorchar, since I have tested several restaurants afterward, has the best of this dish.

Garlic Prawns are simply grilled with loads of olive oil and chopped garlic. This looks so simple and quite similar to Thai preparation, but I guess it is the olive oil and less condiments that increase the natural juicy flavours of the prawns that make this dish just wonderful.

Ox Tail Stew might sound scary, but the melting meat tastes so good. The rich sauce must also be mopped up with the bread.

There are much much more at A Lorcha and reservation must be made if you think you would go there at the thick of the rush hours. The restuarant is just a stone’s throw away from A Ma Temple – a landmark in Macau.

Address: No. 289 AA R/C Rua Do Almirante Serigo. T: 2831-3193, 2831-3195. Hours: 11.30-14.30, 18.00-22.30. Open Daily.

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