A Must Buy for Food Fanatics.. It’s My Book!!

After series of eating trips to Hong Kong, I finally got this book out!! Called in Thai ‘Kao Wa Ran Nee Aroi Nai Hong Kong’ (They Say These Restaurants Are Great, In Hong Kong), this book contains sections about Hong Kong food, cultural and dining tips as well as parts of restaurant listings, divided into zones popular to any tourist to the island.

The restaurants listed here are good and affordable and clean. Hong Kong is always a fun place for a vacation, and this book will just make your trip packed with delicious meals!!

To order this book, you can call Wongklom Publishing at T: 02-237-9248 and get 20% discount from the normal price of Bt240 and free shipping!! Talk to khun Tuck… 🙂 Thank youuuuu

Hope you enjoy it!!

8 thoughts on “A Must Buy for Food Fanatics.. It’s My Book!!

  1. wow, i like your articles, i am looking for bangkok street foods, i had ate a very nice chicken rice at a stall at bangkok but i was forgot where it is, can you kindly tell me some of the delicious street stall chicken rice, i have confidence with your mouth 🙂 thxdo you have publish thai foods book ?

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