Summer Treats

It usually begins with heaps of mangoes and sticky rice with thick, full dullops of creamy coconut milk. But the queen of the Summer fruits remains Durian, and at my community, there’s this wonderful Durian sellers from Chantaburi who park their loaded truck in front of 7/11 store. Here, Khun Tim is figuring which fruit is just right by tapping on the spiky skin…I guess the hallow sounds give the idea.

Chanee durian here is just Bt30-40/kilo, weighed with the skin, compared to Bt40-50/10grams passed at sellable price at Or Tor Kor market where I found my money depreciated a lot.

Now he found the right one, and started peeling the skin off with extra sharp knife…

Ahhhh….. we just got back from a week in HK where we found some Thai durian at their supermarkets.. NOTHING there compares to this… Life is convenient in Thailand. They peel and pack Durian for us just like this.

Don’t forget to seal it tight before chilling it. Khun Tim will also bring mangosteen and rambutan from his farms in Chantaburi and Lang Suan, Chumporn soon. I got his number for my convenience. T: 086-609-7128.


One thought on “Summer Treats

  1. ahh. the king of fruits. i’m so glad i found your blog so i can drool all over my desk at work. keep up the good bangkok eats/finds!

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