La Joie De Vivre!!

My recent eating assignment was on French Food… following The Oriental’s Summer Food Promotion that includes Bt1,000 net/person 3-course lunch set at their legendary Le Normandie… The cover story for @taste, Krung Thep Thurakij is coming out this weekend…

Many people perceive French’s fine-dining as ‘sophisticated’ (or translated in my hubby’s term = NOT ENOUGH!!), but the promotion provides just a good opportunity to enjoy such a culinary delight without having to break your wallet… OK, here’s the food at Le Normandie

Sauteed Burgundy Frog Legs with Italian Parsley Sauce

Royal Red Snapper Baked in Filo Pastry with Provencal Vegetables

Carlos Gaudencio, former assistant to Guy Martin, is now the Chef at Le Normandie.

The View from Le Normandie…The restaurant is now 46 years old and the Author’s Wing’s top floor (5/F) where the restaurant is located was considered a ‘high rise’ during those days.

The promotion runs through September 2008. T: 02-659-9000. Dinner is also available at Bt2,100 per person with selections like duck liver, tiger prawn with caramelized peach, Saint-Peter fish simmered in red wine… and more…(slurp…)

But the up-and-coming French restaurant in town is The Reflexions at Plaza Athenee Bangkok.. Their chef, Thibault Chiumenti, is a real gem… he is so creative and so good with his food.

We tried their delicious Baked Monkfish with Ratatoiulle, Black Olive Tapenade and herb sauce

Rack of Lamb crust with herbs, venegatble mille feuilles and caramelized baby artichokes

Here’s the 24-year-old Thibault Chiumenti and the Reflextion’s Maitre d’ Thomas Deledalle… The restaurant also features ‘La Table’ concept where you select your wines and the chef will cook to surprise you… wonderful thing for those who are picky with their wines.

The Reflexions is open only for dinner with average cover about Bt2,000 per person without wines.. T: 02-650-8800

And yet another delicious news!!!

Macau Tourism Board is now releasing the new ‘Eat Macau’ – Macau food handbook for free. The book has all information you need to know about the delicious Macau delicacies with explanations of famous dishes and listings of restaurants in all their 3 islands. Call: 02-255-5989.


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