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Phi Ju called with her usual bubbly voice that she has just found a new place perfect for a snug sushi meal. Miyatake is a small 7 seater sushi bar tucked at the exit corner of Fuji Supermarket on Soi Sukhumvit 33/1, near the fresh fruit stall.

This small place has a quite a lengthy menu of fresh sushi imported from everywhere they catch the fish – Andaman Sea, Japan and even somewhere in Vietnam and nearby coasts. Their gems are arrays of fresh tunas of Bigeye, Yellowfin, Bluefin, and Black Tuna from Indonesia, served by ranges from red meat (akami) to fatty belly of chu toro and ootoro (Bt400/one bite). They also have typical fishes like salmon, yellow tail, WHALE!! and hokkigai.

We had their akami rices and assorted akami nigiri(Bt240-330) served with clear fish soup with minced and cubes of makuro… I liked their soup so much I ask for a second.. And the fish here is very fresh because they import them themselves and send batches to their branches in Isetan (5F, front of Supermarket), and at Fuji Supermarket on Sukhumvit 39 (via Petchaburi exit).

Fresh batches of fish come every Tuesdays and Fridays…. I guess that would be the best time for freshness. They also have boxed lunch of nigiri and onigiri sushi …
Miyatake is open daily from 10am – 9pm, T: 081-750-0418

And for those looking for a real buckwheat soba meal… I found this place ‘Kubota’ tucked deep on Sukhumvit 43. They serve homemade soba in both hot and chilled broth.. from Bt80-100 a set. They also sell fresh soba to-go at about Bt35 for 120 grams.

Kubota, 9/3 Baan Saeng Mukda Soi Sukhumvit 43, T: 02-258-7346

And this is my newest earth-cooling obsession – organic cotton bag… loving it.


One thought on “Fresh & Cool

  1. interested in a collection of others from around the world?

    (obviously you couldn’t claim those as eco driven considering their origin – but these ecobags are now the “norm” here as the groceries stores promote them as an alterantive to the plastic sacs …

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