Floating Fair

My nose is so well-tuned for grilled seafood that as soon as our long-tail boat turned its head toward the busy canal of Amphawa floating market, I know what kind of pre-dinner snacks I would savor there.

We just came back from a night in Amphawa district of Samut Songkarm province which is dubbed as ‘Muang Sam Nam’ (A City of 3 Waters) for its main river of Mae Klong contains seawater, fresh water and something in between – depending on the months of the year. And that’s why the place is a heaven for seafood… and of course a seafood lover like me..

The floating market is just like a big friendly fair thanks to the live playing along the narrow walkways that line the two sides of the canal. People squeezed themselves through shops of food, some sat down on the piers munching through the varieties. …

As soon as our boat hit the a pier, we mingled. I shared a grilled squid with a friend, then samples may be ten grilled clams dipped in super spicy seafood dip (chili, garlic, salt and lime juice) until my stomach stung…. Then, there was grilled pork and sticky rice, kanom kee noo (a traditional Thai snack made from, what else, flour, coconut and sugar) and much much more..:-)

The market is alive and kicking every weekend.. especially in evenings. The best way to go is by driving; parking is available at Amphur Office.


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