It Happened at Le Normandie..

La Tour d’Argent celebrated pressed duck made its fourth round to Bangkok recently, and I was lucky enough to be able to try this legendary dish created for the first time over the medieval period.. (back round 1700s) which is ‘Caneton ‘Tour d’Argent’ or ‘Pressed Duck ‘Tour d’Argent.’

This is the pressing machine used to press the bones of the duck after removing its breast and legs out for carving and further cooking. The juice derived from this method will be slowly emulsified with butter, cognac and red wine which is the sauce for the dish… And here’s it is.

‘La Tour’ as the French fondly call is one of the first inns established in Europe. With its history tracing back to the 16th century, it is the oldest restaurant in Paris where the fork was officially consecrated by Henri III.

From the great windows high above the Seine, limited diners with close connections to the restaurant can enjoy the views of most renowned cathedral in France, Notre Dame. There are only 3 of such tables with that view, and you certainly need to be a dear one with the Maitre d’ to be able to secure such tables. (And many hi-so Thais visiting this place thought they were lucky obtaining a ‘private room.’)

Here’s Burgandy wine glass (left) best enjoyed with the duck and other poultry dishes (rabbit is categorized as a type of poultry when it comes to food).

Famous dishes include those traditionally prepared with medieval recipes, meaning heavy, creamy and … might be not to the taste of the modern health-conscious patrons. ) I also tried their famous Quenelles de brochet «André Terrail» or Baked pike dumplings with Mornay sauce «André Terrail» The creamy Mornay sauce is one of the traditional French cuisine signatures before people migrate to much lighter versions of various emulsions.

Here is the luxurious Fois gras d’oie des trois Empereurs, brioche tiède or
The 3 emperors goose foie gras with Sauternes jelly, Porto jelly and lukewarm brioche.
You know they eat the dish with a brioche to spread on to.. This is certainly not my type of dish.. but I tried a few bites which were quite nice if I don’t ‘think’ that it is foie gras..

Similar to a Pekking Duck serving, La Tour also cooks the legs of the ducks for guests who order a whole duck. This dish is more to my liking.

OK.. So here’s the highlights… their desserts. Oriental has such a lovely pastry chef, Francois, and he is such a gifted pastry maker. Everything he does is very good. And this crepe is no exception. Truly traditional and good. Not too buttery with fine/soft/ texture of the crepe and orange sauce… And of course I like their fresh marshmallow… this is something I live for really.


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