My Number 1 Top Secret Mission

Because the universe was generous, I spent my wonderful last week in London by courtsy of Sony Pictures (Thailand) and VisitBritain to visit exhibitions regarding Ian Fleming and James Bonds in relations to the newest Bond movie, Quantum Of Solace. My top-secret mission, at least according to the provided itinerary, was to indulge in the luxurious London lifestyle of Her Majesty’s Secret Service. But to tell you the truth, my own utmost mission there was to try this place called ‘The Golden Hind’ I heard for the best fish and chips for many many years.

After finishing the stated mission, I had a time of my own the very last day and I scheduled the Golden Hind later in the afternoon after one restaurant and a visit to the National Gallery. We were supposed to leave London at 5pm that day so I had a very good and hearty lunch at one another restaurant, took a tour to the National Gallery and then would just drop by the Golden Hind before returning to the hotel later for the departure.

However, things didn’t go as planned because at about one and a half hour in to Renoir, Picasso, Monet, Leonardo and Rembrandt, I went down to the restroom and then the Gallery’s bookstore. Flipping through TimeOut’s Cheapeats pocket book, I found that the Golden Hind closes at 3pm and won’t open its kitchen again until 6. So, I practically had about 50 mins to catch the fish, so off I went quickly to the nearest tube toward Oxford Street which is the nearest station toward Marylebone Lane where the restaurant is.

I took Marylebone Lane alright, but got lost along the way (typically me), so I asked a ramdom guy “Do you know where The Golden Hind is?” He looked confused, so I added, “The Fish and Chips place!!” His face then brigtened up with recognition and then he pointed me towards the right way.

I finally got to the place at 2.30pm; Mr. Christou (Tony) the fourth generation owner (the place has been there since 1914), greeted me himself and I, after swaying over the halibut and the haddock, ordered a haddock fillet, half an order of chips, and a coke with ice. My haddock was perfectly fried in a lightest and cripsiest batter that just cracked as soon as I forked in for the first bite. The slightly salted batter mixture accentuates the freshness of the fish. I had one bite with a few drops of lemon and another with their delicious home-made tartar sauce and went on alternatively.. one good mission accomplished.

The Golden Hind might be one of the most coveted fish and chips restaurants in London. It has been featured in so many personal blogs as well as the establishments as Tim Out and all. I found it very very much up to the acclaimations, and I hoped I had more days to try their other fishes including cod, rock salmon, plaice, skate wing and my favorite halibut. They also serve greek salad in their salad menu and of course garden peas, mushy peas and gherkins in their side dish options.

The Golden Hind, 73 Marylebone Lane, London, E1U2PN, T: 0207483644. Noon-3pm, 6-10pm. I paid roughly about 9 pounds for everything. The dinner menu contains the same items as the lunch version.

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