The Million-Dollar Pizza

My neighbours, all of them, are real foodies. Recently, in their beautiful home, Khun Moo and Khun Pete just installed top-of-the-line kitchen equipment complete with hot water, extendable faucet (as seen in a professional kitchen, and certainly not mine), SMEG digital oven with temperatures so high that it can even bake pizzas.


Needless to say, they must want to cook something that require their new oven to manifest the power. And recently, we were lucky enough to be their guests for the super delicious homemade, thin-crusted, and really loaded pizzas that sent all of us happily crunching for that whole afternoon. Also, the fact that Khun Pete (apart from getting a doctorate degree from Oxford University in economics) had gone for a short course at Le Cordon Bleu on Marylebone Street does not hurt our palates as well.


Above, Khun Pete was priming up his pizza amidst our eager anticipation; Khun Ae (another greatest cook in the world) was there dictating her toppings. And she was typically as demanding as specific. We all had a chance to pick our own toppings, and the pizzas (loaded with whatever we fancied) were among the best I had ever tasted in my life!!


(Above) As far as I could remember, Khun Gang never actually left the pizza counter J


Here it is!!! Really really yummy.. piping hot out of the oven.


This is the roast honey ribs, another of Khun Pete’s specialties.


See how Khun Ae and Khun Pete collaborated. Once they saw the leftover smoked salmon, they immediately thought up this dish. Rolled salmon with black olives and fresh dill served up with mozzarella cubes and fresh tomatoes.


Here’s the scene when we approached the last few trays..


And finished everything off with this sorbet made from cinnamon and orange topped with a dash or two of Grand Marnier…


Surely, Khun Pete always has his way into our stomachs.!!


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