An Irish Therapy


(A beef+onion pie from The Witch Pie Factory on Thonglor Soi 1, run by an Irish couple)

Oooray… sort of. For the ‘victory’ claimed by us and the PAD. I guess it is more like a ‘break’ for us all after almost 200 days!! Still, old face politicians are rushing in the line to take the PM post, vowing to work for the square than their country. May be this is how Thailand is ‘cursed’?


(Duc De Praslin Shop in Phoenix Building, corner of Sukhumvit 31)

For my work recently, I talked to Khun Sorutja, one of Thailand’s most noted astrologers, who predicts, based on his planet alignments calculations, that Thailand should be now bracing for even more bad news in all areas with corrupted politicians still abound and people getting weaker in all fronts!! Let’s see… But another bad news for me NOW is that the price of Duc De Praslin’s iced chocolate, made from the fantastic Belgian chocolate and served with two fabulous praslins, is now Bt72, not Bt60 like before, despite the cheap oil price/weak Euro and everything. I guess this should be the beginning of my real diet?!? 🙂

Reading BK Magazine last week and found this Witch Pie Factory on Thong Lor 1 quite interesting. So, yesterday, I went there to ‘survey’ and found their pies quite good – although not great, but good given their reasonable prices and all. I bought home a beef massaman pie, a beef+onion pie (In fact I was there for the much-raved shepard’s pie, which, of course, ran out that afternoon) and an apple crumble and paid just Bt250 for all. Quite nice, right? Especially if you used to buy those similar items from the Oriental Shop where, still, their scones (about Bt140 for 4 small pieces). especially raisin ones, are still my favorite.


(An apple crumble pie from The Witch Pie Factory, very very good)

The trick is to heat those pies in the oven, in low heat, for may be 10 minutes – or for me I’d just follow my nose. But for the apple crumble – fantastic. no need to heat. just pop it right into your mouth. they are really really good with loads of cinnanon scent and raisins.

Witch’s Pie has NO parking. But I was lucky enough because the guard at the nearby Bacco’s parking space likes me.


One thought on “An Irish Therapy

  1. I think the pies there are good too. Pity for no parking, but you can also walk from BTS Thonglor…

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