Life In Appreciation

dog-3It is the end of the year, and it is the time to reflect. Yes, we are all in this together – the economic hell – globally this time with mysterious/bottomless holes of financial frauds created by those ‘professionals’ who seemed, at first, to know what they were doing until recently that even themselves can not curb the urge to spill out the secrets of their own ignorance.

But what to do? We all have to manage, right? Recently, there was a dramatic change in me, internally, while browsing through the selections of magazines – both local and international that I regularly grasped when they came out off the press. I found I no longer feel like ‘consuming’ them. Worst, I suddenly found them  ‘shallow.’ What’s the point of wearing a latest dress, carrying a brand name clutch without a fulfilled soul? While commiserating this to a good friend/sister – a magazine editor herself – and she asked ‘how old are you?’


“I think it is because of your age..,” she concluded. “A lot of people I know say the exact same thing; they no longer consume fashions. They want something more meaningful in life, but such thing can be difficult in the Thai context… or any context that we know about.”

I thought about that phrase often. And I guess it is a) my age that makes me growing mellower over the years, and b) the fact that we have less money to spend which consciously/subconsciously change our habits and focuses towards the internal values – and yes, and appreciating what we already have is a good way to start.

dog-4This is my own list of appreciations – some might be shallow – but I appreciate them anyway:

– I appreciate that I am all healthy with the functional body parts that enable me to live a life normally.

– I appreciate that I have a career that I love doing everyday; I love waking up to work, literally. And I count work as an ingredient of my happy life. And with this, I also appreciate people who give me the opportunities to work.

– I appreciate that I was raised up by normal parents – with pure love, sincerity and visions – the best they have. My parents allowed me to be myself, to speak out, to fail and to learn which I believe formed me the way I am today. In short, I know my parents will always love me, NO MATTER WHAT!

– I appreciate my collective instincts. We do not always have to learn only from our own mistakes, right? Some people’s failures/glitches and even successes are always good opportunities for me to learn something.

dog-2– I appreciate my friends (and my lovely neighbours) – all of them – for their friendships. I love being with them all for their sarcastic/wry/funny features. I recently met a long-lost friend and it was amazing how we could just ‘patch’ up after months or years? of not seeing each other. I guess it is what a friend is.. you can always call them whenever and nothing changed.

– And there are still a lot that I appreciate in life. After all, it is the end of the year and we all are bracing for the years to come, economically. At least, if we are able to keep our mind safe and sound – other things are just noise. Right?

– And how could I not appreciate my husband? Of course, I don’t tell him that I appreciate him. Words are cheap. There are something that only actions will do.



One thought on “Life In Appreciation

  1. Hello Khun Sirin,

    I’ve just started reading and salivating over your blog (I don’t mean to be gross) after exhausting Austin Bush’s, where I found the link to your blog. I have a humble suggestion / request: Could you please please please put the locations of the eateries you visit on Google Maps like Austin does? After exquisitely torturing myself with photos and accounts of food from back home I am determined to systematically and sawarparmingly follow your foot steps when I return to Thailand – pin-pointed locations would help me in my mission no end!

    Please keep up the good work.

    All the best,


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