Sweet Sunday

annsweet1What do you do when department store doesn’t do it anymore for you on weekends? I mean, we are so fed up with all the malls, all the food in the malls and even strutting along the corridors lined with similar stuffs of every single mall in town. So, we tried diverting our routes a little bit to, well, somewhere convenient, not too far, and of course delicious.

annsweet2So, last week, we ventured out, yet again, to our favorite Somsong’s (Somsong Potchana) on Soi Wat Sangwet on Phra Arthit Road. I wrote about this place months ago, but we keep going back when we are in that area – which sometimes was our destination of the day. Anyway, the news is that last Sunday we also tried Ann’s Sweet – a small bakery next door to the famous Roti Mataba.

annsweet4Ann’s Sweet is tiny, as any shop in the area is. And the place serves home-made cakes with Lavazza coffees or you can opt for bottled water or Thai iced tea (very very sweet). We were there after having a huge and super delicious lunch at Somsong (it was so funny when the owner came to get our bill. Her small, Chinese eyes widened when she saw the piles of plates and bowls in front of us. I only had a couple, the rest was the work of the smiling man next to me), we decided to walk it off a little bit and then got tried after crossing the road and then chose to sit in the air-con room of Ann’s Sweet instead.

annsweet31So, we couldn’t just sit there, right? After all the tempting cakes, we chose a piece blueberry cheesecake and a chocolate cake. Both are good, but although I am a chocolate-cake lover, I like their cheesecake much more in this case. They have so many other cakes that look equally good and seem to gain approval from other bloggers, too, such as their strawberry shortcake (filled with cream fresh in layers), chocolate mousse and so on… but after that mega lunch, even my hubby was slow cleaning the plates.

And I don’t know what got into me (us) lately. Twice within the matter of these 2 weeks I was stopped in the middle of the road by policemen for breaking (I would rather damn the road signs) the traffic rules!! The first time last week happened when I was driving (or lost) out of the Air Force on Don Muang and missed the correct exit, and of course a policeman was waiting for me there – in the wrong exit. He almost jumped over the hood when he was trying to stop me.. I was on my way to a birthday party and my car was filled with the world’s best lookchin ping (grilled meat balls). I was charged for ‘being dangerously obstructing the traffic.’ Then the second time happened yesterday, on our way back from Ann’s Sweet, smiling and all, until we found two policemen in one intersection. Apparently, we were wrongly driving in the bus lane – gosh! Ann’s Sweet: Daily – 9am-8pm, T: 086-889-1383.



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