Naturally Nakhon Pathom

buffaloI now have a new favorite animal – the Thai water buffalo that is rather individualistic and stubborn with a mind of their own. Here one calf submerging in the organic fruit orchard paddy across the Rose Garden in Nakhon Pathom where I spent my last weekend partially working and enjoying a glimpse of slow rural life the place has to offer. 

the-other-sideIt is quite hard to believe that this place is merely 70km. (about 1 hour drive) from my home in Ramindra. I was overreacting when I got this assignment, but when I was there, I just loved it. Rose Garden is now promoting a ‘City Detox’ program where urbanians can scrub away the city sludge in thier systems through various slow, mind-quieting programs that also include a visit to this orchard by row boat, feeding the water buffalos, learning something new about Thai rice paddy cultures, shows of coconut/palm picking with a chance to taste the super fresh coconut right from the tree – which happends to be another of my favorite activity, too.

rim-klong-marketAbove is the bamboo bed where I took a quick nap while waiting for another group of participants to come. It was fantastic to remove myself from all the city clutters – and it is just a boat ride away! Wondering if they have a small stuio for rent while I try to finish my book? What about WIFI connection? I have no need to worry about the food because Rose Garden’s In-Chan Restaurant serves wonderful/not too expensive Thai dishes such as Pad Thai and so on (so much I couldn’t describe them all, other distinct dishes are dried salty beef coconut milk soup with pickled bamboo shoot, pork satay and various Thai chili dips with fresh local vegetables). And if you stroll along their ‘Rim Klong’ market, this is what you’ll see and enjoy.

gui-chaiHere’s the gui chai traditionally served in dried bamboo leave bowl, and Kanom Tuay (coconut-rice flour cake) served with the old-style wooden paddles. All things, Bt15-20 each, are delicious and you can stock up with the boiled fresh peanuts before leaving for the other side (the one that houses the baffaloes). Here is the dogs at the organic farm. When they are not barking, they just look handsome!








2 thoughts on “Naturally Nakhon Pathom

  1. เดินช้าๆแถมอิ่มอร่อยนี่มีความสุขจริงจริ๊งงง

    Thanks for beautiful weekend jaa

  2. Man … those pictures of khanom tuay and khanom kuichai just slayed me. Out of curiosity, is this Rim Klong market a clone of the Floating Market in Damnuen Saduak?

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