Tik to tickle…

tikYour taste buds, of course! 🙂 Tik Potchana has been my (and my whole family’s) favorite restaurant for ages, but I didn’t have the chance to take the pictures of the food until my last trip to Nakhon Pathom’s Rose Garden when we had dinner there and it was the first time I was there for dinner when the glowing neon makes the scene even more luring!

plachonEverytime we go there, we always savour the usual, heart-warming, tear-dropping delicious dishes of the deep-fried sun-dried freshwater fish of pla chon that is served with chopped fresh mango, shallot and chilies. Sorry I was so hungry while snapping this pix… but at least it is clear enough for you to see and imagine the taste.

river-prawns-garlicAlso… the deep-fried river prawns with loads and loads of crispy garlic.. and yes, you can have this with steamed rice and the fish sauce.

Last time we were there with a van-en-hoi1loaded of friends, we tried to order ‘clam tendon’ (adductor muscles) pad-cha which is stir-frying with loads of spicy herbs, garlic and chili – Thai style, but they ran out, so this time we do a big compensation. The muscle which looks exactly like scallop is, well what do you expect, tough!! and we complaint and ate and complaint (among ourselves of course) until we finished the whole plate and totally forgot to ask what kind of shellfish owns such a big tendon (now I am quite scared to know!). And after trying this, I’d rather order the pad-cha with either prawns or fish balls next time.

tom-yum-gungAnd here is their famous tom yum gung.. no need to describe this, right? but for those looking for a real Thai-style tom yum gung, this place is merely 80km from Bkk and worth every tyre-roll of your car. And we also ordered, trying to be healthy for a bit, a plate of broccoli & rier prawns – also super delicious.

broccoliAnd of course..we didn’t forget to savour (lucky they still had it for the dinner time) their hor mok – which is freshwater fish (pla chon again) steamed in curry emulsion – so goood. really!

hor-mokLast time we were there with my parents, we also hoarded the food back for our friends, neighbours and our fridge after a dish-piling meal. And guess how much we paid.. only may be Bt1,600 for the whole thing. This time, 6 of us, with all these food and drinks and two pots of rice, just Bt1,300. So, this should make up for the gas price and the time and everything… just go there!


Just remember that they are closed on Monday. And here is their namecard – back and front for your driving information. Hope I had been helpful? 🙂tik-back-namecard1

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