Organic Rhapsody

organic-chartHere’s a good revelation about the normally fuzzy understanding on organic farming, that it contains no chemical widely used in other types of farming such as insecticide, herbiside and hormone – some of which are even permitted in other types of vegetations such as the perceived-to-be-better hydroponic and hygienic vegetables. And here’s a scary truth – nitrate compound in hydroponics farming is the major cause of cancer. So buyers beware next time you shop for these expensive stuff in the supermarkets.

my-salad-trayI know this subject can be sensitive, because a whole lot of people are now banking on hydroponics when it comes to salad leaves. But it would be better if you can actually grow them yourself on the front lawn of your garden, make it a hobby that makes your fingers dirty and your heart a bit happy once in a while.

anotai-kitchenSee, on the recent course of works, I attended this two-day event with Khun A, Anotai Gongvatana – the chef and owner of Anotai restaurant and Rai Pluk Rak farm in Ratchaburi. It was a commercial event, organized by Gaggenau – the ultra chic kitchen appliances maker from Germany, but it contained loads of useful information nonetheless that surely sticks in the back of my mind next time I go shopping. And the food served there are both delicious and healthy and even easy to remake back in my own kitchen.

pizzaHere’s the pizza baked in Gaggenau’s oven with its top-notch stone-bake functions with temperatures as high as 300 degree Celsius. Khun A kneads the dough and simmers her own tomato paste. And since another partner of this event include Siam Winery and TRIA (the holistic wellness center), we all also learnt about the nutritious facts of the food and the pairing of the wines in this occasion, too. 

grilled-seafoodAnd two days later we went to Khun A’s farm in Ratchaburi. See, we fought for her tasty seafood BBQ with vinaigrette/black olive dressing. And you know, pride is such a good thing to have when it comes to such a comfort food like mashed potato. 

Here is the mashed potato I helped making. See, it is such an easy dish, but the trick is the balanced temperatures ofmashed-potato the mashed potatoes and the solution of milk & butter. You can also use the machine to help whipping it up, or a good masher will also do the work equally nicely.

rose-sconesHere’s the rose patel scones by Khun A, with all of us cheering on the side. She use the very aromatic organic rose petals from her farm to make this staple fancier – nice job!!


The last picture is the organic free range duck egg I picked up from the duck pen.. which I still have, with those earthy stains and all, in my fridge!

One thought on “Organic Rhapsody

  1. Seeing Thailand going back to its agricultural roots (which is what we excel in) gladdens my heart. This post encourages me to start gardening again.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the nitrate compound in hydroponic produce. I did not know that.

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