Guess what we’ve been doing quite a lot lately..

ha-ming-keeWe just got back from a 6-day trip to Hong Kong where we, truthfully, worked for a new project. And here is the natural part of our work, which this time was not solely about eating like before when I was finishing up my book, but more about trailing the cultural and historical tracks of HK, especially in the New Territories where we had never really explored before.

The trip was awesome, tiring and stomach-exploding but wonderful. The weather was everyday cloudy, but a bit cool (round 18-22c) which helped a lot. We travelled in a chauffeured 500 SEL with a private guide in courtesy of the HKTB. I never had to handle the door throughout the six days and now I am spoiled rotten! 🙂

on-lee-1However, no matter how hi-so the trip could be for a press, we still find the noodles there most comforting. We literally begged Phi Malee (our lovely escort) to find us good places for noodles, so here they are: noodles in soup, in stir-fried, with wanton and fish balls – all are good. The first picture was a noodle shop who specialized in fish balls in Yau Ma Tei area. The place was called ‘Ha Ming Kee’ noodle.

The second picture is of ‘On Lee Noodle’ in East Hong Kong, near HK Museum of Coastal Defense, where we were so close of having to queue up just for lunch. The crowd waiting in the windy state outside was so patient. And their noodles was just fantastic. They also sell thick toasts with butter and condensed milk which is now my new favorite snack (compared to scones and cakes before 🙂


The last pic is the last meal we had just before leaving at Kowloon’s Elements which stationed Kowloon Airport Express checkin counter. Full Moon is the name of the restaurant, and they were offering 30% discount on the simplest-yet-most-loved ‘wanton min’ noodle soup from the price of HK$30 to just HK$20, so we ordered 5 bowls in a roll without any other side dishes to ‘waste’ the space of our stomach 🙂

Will post more about the food there. Now on the scale of 10 of the ‘being busy degree.’

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