Vegetarian Vindication…

po-lin-vegetarian-restaurant-1A highlight, from the first glance to the itinerary, of our recent work-trip to Hong Kong was the vegetarian lunch at Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island. I have heard about this place for years and read several reviews about the delicacies there so I was naturally very excited to see that our first day’s ‘task’ was to try out the meal at the temple.

po-lin-vegetarian-restaurant-2Funny thing was many things went wrong since our first step off the plane. My hubby had a broken shoe (yes!) and I had a severe nausea. So, it took us longer than expected to reach the temple at the top of Lantau Island. Lucky that we made it within the serving time of the meal. We had a 3-person set for HK$100 each which included a soup of clear noodle, a thick tofu sheet braised in lemon sauce, spring rolls, stir-fried mixed greens with the rare and expensive ‘monkey head mushroom’ and lily petals and another plate of cabbage and shitake stir-fried.

All dishes, according to my hubby and Phi Malee, were very good and delicately prepared. I, meanwhile, due to the sickness,  sat in silence with my eyes rolling back and forth between those two people eating with gusto! It was a cruel, torturing moment! After all I have read and craved for this meal and I got totally sick I couldn’t even open my mouth and eat! I definitely have to go back real soon for this!

po-lin-vegetarian-restaurant-3The vegetarian restaurant at Po Lin Monastery opens daily for lunch during 11.30-16.30. Set meals for one is HK$60, but for those looking for extra treatments, VIP sets (like ours) are HK$100 per person. Phi Malee told us that if you really want to splurge on the good ingredients, call them in advance so they can prepare the VVVVIP for you for a certain charge. The dining room was clean, but no-frills with tables outdoors in case you need fresh air (which I did). I guess many people are familiar with how to get to Po Lin via Ngong Ping 360 cable car, but here is the website of the operator anyway.

4 thoughts on “Vegetarian Vindication…

  1. Hi Khun Oh,

    Actually, the vegetarian cuisine at Nan Lian Garden (across from Chi Lin Nunnery, Diamond Hills, Kowloon) is much better than Po Lin Monastery. Every dish is well prepared. There is not much oilyness / greasiness in their food as expected from Cantonese style vegetarian food. They also serve very healthy smoothie drinks too. Plus, the ambience is great. I visited the garden last April and really enjoyed the garden and the meal. I highly recommend visiting this place instead of trekking all the way to Lantau Island’s Po Lin Monastery.

    Click to the link below for more information.


  2. Hi Khun Sophia,

    We also went there (to Nan Lian) and liked it very much too. Isn’t the ambience under the waterfall great? But I reviewed Po Lin first because it is personally a ‘classic’ place for me, meaning a place cooked up by rows of nun and that oily and stuff that is so typical Chinese :-).

  3. Hi Khun Oh,

    Yes, I really enjoyed my visit to Nan Lian Garden very much. It’s a gem given its convenient location in Kowloon’s concrete jungle.

    I look forward to reading more of your Hong Kong post. I used to live there and it’s great just to reminisce a bit.

    Kob khun ka.


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