Another Vegan Surprise!

nan-lian-ambienceStill on the vegetarian trail in Hong Kong where we massively enjoyed the food. We went to Nan Lian Garden in Eastern Kowloon before, but didn’t have the chance to try their vegetarian cuisine until this last time. Nan Lian’s breaks the mold of the usual vegetarian restaurants with super cool ambience under a false, yet powerful, waterfall. The meals are available in both set and a la carte and we tried both which was quite nice, but not as tasty as the one at Po Lin Monastery.

nan-lian-menuHere is their menu at a glance! The service was brisk, businesslike with waiters on earpieces and handheld food-tracking/ordering machine. Clienteles are, you guessed it, nuns living at the nearby Chi Lin Nunnery and ederly groups and couples who also live in the nunnery’s nursing home facilitiy.

nan-lian-food-1Here are some of their food which was very straightforwardly cooked – you can see what you’re eating which is good. The tastes are mild and exude healthiness. Plus the ambience of this place makes it possible to think that you are really indulging yourself in a healthier choice for a meal.


Here’s wantan soup from the a la carte menu.




Here’s stir-fried veggies with assimilated ‘kang puay’ or sun-dried scallop, a flavour-enhancing staple in a Chinese kitchen. This one, of course, is made from dried enoki mushroom.


hk-food-book-3On a final note, my book on Hong Kong restaurant is now on the 3rd print, with a new cover and 8 additional restaurants. I have 5 copies to give away for free! Umm. So, if anyone wants this, comment on my blog and the book is yours (Thai address only, please). One really last note on HK eating – on our last trip there (earlier this month), we could clearly see the impact of the economic downturn on the HK’s usual burstling streets and scenes. The streets at Time Square, which used to be at all times packed, are now vacant. Some restaurants are closed down, and some, such as Full Moon at the Elements on Kowloon station, is offering 30% discount. Have you EVER seen a restuarant in HK offering discounts on their food?!? This global recession is so real. Also, Krispy Kreme has bailed out entirely from Hong Kong. When we were there last July (08), we still bought home the donuts from their airport outlet, and now none of the Krispy Kreme shops can be found. Also, many other shops at the airport have already been closed down. This is very sad, and I hope you all are bracing for the worst and still enjoy your life nonetheless. The Book Fair is also coming around again. This time it happens during 26 March – 6 April. I will be there the last day to sell my book and also to collect the doll my publisher made for all authors as a token. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Another Vegan Surprise!

  1. I got the first comment spot. Ha!

    Congrats on the third printing, Khun Oh. I’ll definitely be buying all of your books next time I visit Thailand (in the next couple of months or so). Thanks for bringing HK to our computer screens! 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot ka Khun Leela. Do you have an address in Thailand I can mail my book to?
    I think you’re coming back in time for the summer fruits. Oh…. think about the fresh mangoes, durians (apart from gui chai tod, look chin ping, miang kam, seafood with vinegar & chili sauce etc, you get the idea haha), and all that that you’re indulging into while here!!

  3. I’m sitting at a Starbucks with my laptop while typing this. How dare you make me drool in public, Khun Oh? 🙂

    Here’s an idea. Let’s have lunch together when I’m in BKK. You can give the book to me then. (Who doesn’t like freebies?) I’ve been thinking of featuring one Asian food & lifestyle blogger each month on my blog. Perhaps you would give me the honors?

  4. Ummmm. drooling in public is such a real disgrace, Khun Leela!! But that’s what I do very often in life, too 🙂 ha ha ha. Sure, we can lunch together when you’re back. when would that be ka?

  5. Thanks. You will be contacted when I get there. (Do I sound like a secret agent or what?) Look forward to it.

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