Served Chopped for the Faintheart

lung-wah-entrance1Removing myself from the vegetarian syndrome, which we have been getting quite a lot especially at home, we also went to Lung Wah restaurant in Shatin area of New Territories in Hong Kong. Best known for their roasted pigeons, the restaurant, once also a famous hotel for there were no accesible roads to the place, carries their own pigeon farm so they can assure the meat/fat ratio of the birds for a perfect crispy roast.

lung-wah-menuHong Kong gourmands would say they want their roast served whole, so they can pick up the bird and tear it apart with their fingers! The bird is fatty with its skin super crisp and slightly salted, but of course salt and pepper is served on the side for additional flavours! You definitely need wet tissues here!

lung-wah-pigeons2The idea of eating a bird has never been successfully installed in me. But once there, I tried! You know, it was sooo sadly delicious and quite addictive. The meat was so tender and aromatic! I am not a salt lover, so I just ate my pigeon as served, but please, I asked them to chop the bird for me cause then I could somehow relieve myself from the dead-and-alive connection of the lovely, well, animal!

lung-wah-tofuLung Wah is also famous for their tofu, served deep-fried and as dessert with the aromatic gwai feuy flower syrup. Here is the crispy fried tofu which we also very much liked. (Other famous dishes here include chicken congee/egg noodles/crispy beans and much more, you visit their site for more ideas).

lung-wah-pigeons-2And here are the birds – featherly alive and lovely. My husband, who stared at me in a total disbelief when I put my greased fingers down and annouced my love for the taste, just shook his heads and sent me a disapproving look (how dare him!). And then, he asked me a question that I simply can not print it down again for it will break my heart! 🙂


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