Tokyo ‘So’ Bananas!

1436930844_e65d2fed031On the bus over the famous Sumida river of Tokyo recently, I had a ‘deja vu’ moment when I saw this Asahi building which is adorably coined by the locals as ‘unchi’ building for the similarity of the supposedly ‘beer foam’ to the ‘unchi’ which, believe it or not, an auspicious word for Japanese! I couldn’t really remember at the time when I saw the building before. Well, it was years since our last visit to Japan and definitely then we didn’t see this building which I took a liberty of ‘borrowing’ this picture from JM Rocher on Flickr.  

And then I remembered! Tokyo Sonata film featured this very scene along its story.

tokyo-banana-1Sweets in Tokyo have been extensively and seductively written in a book called ‘Sweet Talk’ by Anchalee, so when my chance finally came to visit Tokyo, I didn’t miss to try as much as I could the featured sensations and one of the best known among Thai (for this is available at Narita’s Akihabara shop for may be 500 yen) is this Tokyo Banana! (yes, that’s their real name!). So this is what I bought home for really on the road I couldn’t care less about shopping!

tokyo-banana-2Inside the box (wrapped twice) are more packages! Each sealed with individual packet of moisture trapper. I think it is important that they keep these snacks fresh/soft for the filling and the cake to preserve the banana flavour/texture.

tokyo-banana3Here is when we break a piece, revealing the custardy filling that tastes just like mature banana with cream! To capture my experience eating this, I’d say it makes me think about a typical very soft jam roll with banana-flavoured filling. It is decent and nice, but certainly in my opinion not that great! I mean, if you want to buy it for souvenir sake or memory, that’s fine, but if you really look for a gastronomic revelation and already have a handful of snacks back home, then, you can really skip this. However, this is just me. My neighbour, Khun Ae, loves this. But when pressed, she said she would, choosing just one thing, sacrifice her waistline for a piece of glazed Krispy Kreme – which sadly has closed down all their branch in Hong Kong even prior to the crunch!


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