A Hidden Pekking

food_0597-smallFriends can always be a good resource in a food-race. Recently, Ploy Mallikamas of Tokyo Miyage told me that she found ‘A Hidden Pekking’ restaurant that once you slip inside, the ambience will suddenly make you feel like you are somewhere in China. Most of customers there speak Chinese (or something else unrecognizable to our ears, but surely Chinese) and the food there is strictly Chinese.

food_0598-smallHere are some excerpts (from top: stir-fried beans, pot stickers of pork and garlic shoots, eggplant in spicy sauce, and stir-fried potato), which we pretty much enjoyed. But somehow I think may be we are too mono-taste in our orderings. For most of the dishes we had was either salty or salty+spicy. After many be 4-5 dishes, we can just guess the taste from the look. But all in all, a nice excursion.

food_0599-small1This place is called ‘Tong Lai Chun Pekking Food’ and it is in Sukhumvit 41, in a very small alley on the right just behind Jumbo Mall (or something that replaces Jumbo Mall in name). There is no parking facility, so if you drive, you need to park curbside in the soi. They are open daily from noon to 22.30. For enquiry, T: 02-259-0765.

food_0601-smallThis place reminds me of Ta Yang on Soi Ngam Du Plee off Rama 4 that serves quite similar dishes of pot stickers, stir-fried green beans and best of all french fries aubergine. Tong Lai Chun does not have the french fries aubergine, which happens to me my favorite in such restaurant. But the place seems to be much cleaner than Ta Yang, so…


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