Never a Summer Without…

mangoes31This is my family’s fetish – the ultra sweet ok-rong mangoes. Unlike the bigger, fleshier nam dok mai counterpart, this ok-rong type is smaller and contains fibre that can annoy those who bother some aftermeal threads between their teeth. Anyway, every summer that we grew up, my mother always hoarded these fruits that gave out a super sweet aroma in our kitchen. (In the first pix, the green ones below are not ok-rong, but something that my sis gave me which are also nice, but of course not as nice as the ok rong).

mango2Well, even though now that I am not living with my mother, she still dominates my kitchen. Last week, a call from her darted me to her favorite salon whose owner has an ok-rong mango farm. I wish I had a camera with me when I saw the scene of floor-to-bed-full of these sweet sensation. Mae Waree shop on Thong Lor that opens year-round usually sells nam dok mai, but according to my mom, old-school Thais never had that type of mango with the sticky rice. You must, she says, have only ok-rong with the sticky rice if you want to really taste the Thai summer.

mangoes1I really wish the Internet can send out the sweet scent of this fruit…


2 thoughts on “Never a Summer Without…

  1. We also have a lot of mangoes in the Philippines and I absolutely love eating them with soy sauce or salt during summer. I make dishes with green mangoes as one of the ingredients (like shrimp salad with vinegar and chili.. yum)

    Love your blog!

  2. This is a real eye opener – mango with soy sauce? In Thailand, we have street stalls selling yam ma muang which is spicy mango salad with nam pla, toasted or fresh chili, no need of lime in this case, a dash of palm sugar and sometimes pounded dried fish or shrimp to taste. Also, we have dipping sauce of shrimp paste + palm sugar, pounded dried shrimp and sliced shallots. This is called ‘nam pla wan’ literally means sweet nam pla:-)

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