Dining with the downturn

8011-small2With the downturn, we hopefully dine with more conscience. Prices in many restaurants are rolling down to the point that they are offering us delicious food for practically nothing. Remember the time when people have to literally break their banks when dining in one of the five-star establishments or dread the bills then the check finally comes?

8012-small1That is no longer the case now that even the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is offering super deals in many of their fabulous outlets. We recently had a feast at the China House where, on Sundays, scrumptious Chinese buffet brunch, is served at Bt1,100 per person (net) with free-flow iced tea, coffee and desserts.  Plus, they super cozy interior adds on to the atmosphere, too.

8014-smallTheir brunch buffet are in 2 main sections: buffet line brimmed with mouthwatering dishes such as drunken chicken (my favorite, for they are tender and aromatic with the skin on), soups of prawn wanton, fresh shrimp in chinese herbs and spicy sichuan style. My favorite is the wanton soup with a dash of chili sauce on the table.  There are also typical Chinese grills of suckling pig, pekking duck, roasted duck and BBQ pork, cold slices of pork knuckle served with spicy sauce, salad of soy chicken, mushroom salad and much more.

8030-smallThe feast is completed with their dim sum and main course selections that you can order from the menu as much as you like and they will be freshly cooked for you.  I liked their snow fish steamed/deep-fried with soy sauce, their super crunch wasabi prawns, stir-fried noodle with seafood and for desserts, do not miss the red tea ice cream and seseme dumplings. The China House is also open for dinner daily and their Sunday Brunch opens from 11.30-15.00, T: 02-659-9000. Also, for those looking for fabulous French deal, Le Normandie is now serving set lunch at Bt1,000 net/person. Good chance for those looking to experience Le Normandie’s lengedary cuisine, plus their wonderful breads/butter 🙂   

set-menu-1Another deal that I found quite nice is at Indian Host where we last week tried their set lunch for 2 (minimum) at Bt199 net per person. The set comes with one appetizer, main and dessert. But see what we have got on our table when ordering 2 sets. They have nans, rice and salad too. I wish we had known that the amount would be this much before ordering another fish tikka, which was also good, on the side.

However, despite the whining, we still cleaned the plates. The chef should be proud. Indian Host cooks their food fresh and I particularly like their Bhindi Masala and chicken tikka masala. So good.


set-indian-hostAs it always happens with me and Indian food, one dish is always more than enough. May be this is the reason why I have to go back there often to try more dishes soon.


3 thoughts on “Dining with the downturn

  1. Aw … very good information, Khun Oh. Thank you, ka. I’ve bookmarked this page. Will be checking out these places for sure. Le Normandie is definitely at the top of the list.

  2. Hello Sirin-

    We are opening a Bangkok branch of our regional specialty kitchenware store chain later this year. Would like to discuss some publicity opportunities with you. Can you contact me by reply? Thank you.

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