A reverse side of my memory

Breakfast in Trang

Wonderful things always happen when we travel, especially to the place we thought we knew and then found out that we knew nothing at all. We went to Trang several years back and thought, to ourselves while driving pass the sleepy roads and partly run-down areas, that the place had just nothing. There was no signs of life bubbling at their local restaurants  like there were in other touristy spots. And when there’s no big sign, how could we choose which place to eat?

So we just ended up in starvation, knowing that there MUST be some places that I’ve heard of, such as Trang’s world famous grilled pork, arrays of dim sum breakfast, seafood and home-cooked Chinese meals hidden… somewhere!! But how could they be found? Luck was on my side when a good friend of mine introduced me to her Trang friend whose boundless hospitality opened up to me the hidden gems of Trang!!

My two weeks in Trang and Phuket reversed my ideas about both provinces. Since we were traveling with the local people, we saw different sides of everything. No signage at restaurants? No problem! This is because I knew through our wonderful guide(s) that the place was wonderful and because the local people there know exactly what you’re talking about by just mentioning the most popular dish they serve!

Our new eating saga started in Trang. And you know, there will be whole book about it with my new small venture launch along with it. Will definitely keep you posted!

And for some excerpts of many breathtaking pictures we took throughout those days, visit Tae’s flickr.

2 thoughts on “A reverse side of my memory

  1. Hi Thea…
    The weather in BKK has been gloomy for the past couple of weeks, but today it seems to be brilliant & sunny. Thanks for visiting!!

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