Heaven on Earth

4413sView at Six Senses Hideaway Yao Noi is breathtaking and even distracting. I couldn’t concentrate on my work with this gorgeous view in front of me. But this is the view you’ll see if you go to this resort and now they’re offering a summer fare for Thai residents.

4237sWe went there during our last trip to Phuket and immensely loved the place; it was just like staying at the luxurious tarzan abode with hifi, fridge, flatscreen and all, amidst a thick forest where we could go about walking or cruising on golf cart. And the fact that this resort is environmental friendly is a big plus for us. They recycle the water bottles and give us just a silky, thin duvet instead of the usual thick other hotels tend to use, so we can turn the air-con just enough. And their service was just exceptional! You are their guest and they give you a personal butler!

4478sThis is their breakfast line, complete with homemade bread selections, jams, fresh coffee of your choice and set entre..

4365sKoh Yao Noi is the model for many things. This small, fishing village is closely united to wade off industrial fishing. They also have homestay facilities and tour packages. But to my recommendation, we should all go there and take the opportunity of Six Senses’ summer fare and experience the local people’s food… and even some touring, if you want. Here are the local food prepared by Ja Nee, one of the villagers in the homestay network.

4347sSix Senses Hideaway Yao Noi’s room is now Bt14,200 net per room (min 2 nights) for 2 people with fress breakfast and 50% discount on their transfers from Phuket Airport. Koh Yao Noi’s homestay network is www.kohyao-cbt.com.

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