Street Comforts

Trang's Market

So true that market is the window of a town’s soul. Trang’s small community misleads the fact that this place is a gastronomic heaven. Take a tour to their morning fresh market and you’ll know it. In fact, writing this makes me nervous for I am afraid that by revealing it, even just a little bit on my blog, would result in the lost of local charms that are now hard to find even in remote towns of Thailand.

Trang people really love to eat. And their foods are as fastinating as their lives and the way they conceal this plentiful fact from the thin surface of tourism. Compared to other Southern provinces boasting as beautiful seaside and islands, Trang is low-keyed and most of the people I met are proud of the greenery they can still preserve from the severe encroaching of the hotel constructions. The result is that Trang locals can still roam their beautiful beaches, bringing their picnic basket and roll out their mats enjoying the shady afternoon naps on any beach they want. So far, there is just one hotel that can make its existence right on the beach, but other than that, we still have to wait and see.

Trang’s morning food market is packed with, well, what else, since dawn. We could wake up as early as 6am and still managed to catch the gastro beats of the town. I was so lucky that day when I found a place where seller just chopped fresh young coconuts right out from its trucks, handed them over to buyers who slurped the juice and flesh down for just Bt10. This is the place you will love if you want to try anything Trang, from kanom cheen to the province’s famous roast pork, to the simple yet hard-to-find delicacies like guichai which is still my favorite. Also, shops open early to serve morning coffee, dim sum and something so exclusively local as kanom pak mo and pork intestine ladled with their ‘somjeung’ sauce.

This market is called ‘Talad Kao’ and it is right on the main Rama 6 Road not far from Trang Train station. A tuk tuk should take you there for may be Bt30. The market runs out at around 9am and is especially crowded during weekends, but it is when you’ll bump into your local acquaintances and take up some friendly chats.


One thought on “Street Comforts

  1. I agree, and reckon Trang must be among the best food cities in Thailand. I may be going back down there later this year to do photos for a magazine piece about the town’s food — hope it comes through!

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