Tucked in with wisdom

Jamie OliverI am now ‘between’ projects and thus in the more-than-usual reading mode. Recently, I picked up Jamie from the newstand and loving it. This might be the first magazine ever that I read from cover to cover in a long time.

Jamie just cooked for the G20 leaders at Number 10, Downing Street. Yes, that supposedly simple story of a chef who cooks for leaders. But so many small yet fascinating details made the story so good, from the way he persuaded asparagus growers to give him the first batch of their produce before Harrods and Obama’s man who is an ex-chef, ex-marine, ‘very nice and watched everything like a hawk’ to, for the security reason, when Oliver was the only person there allowed to have his mobile phone with him only because his wife was due to give birth to their third child that very night and the aspiring fact that the man on his team were from 15 and one of them described in his story as a former homeless who now cooks for the G20 leaders!! And the fact that his food was glorious does not hurt a bit.

Here are some other books that I had finished and enjoyed.China Underground

CHINA UNDERGROUND by Zachary Mexico. LOVE THIS BOOK! I love the fast-paced reading and this book makes me want to read a Thai version of it. I mean Thailand Underground.. A must read for those looking for an alternative travel stories.


GM BooksNEVER an adventure, I always enjoy accounts of those who are. The first book compiles 13 stories of 13 adventurers to places like Kirimanjaro, Canadian Rockies Range, Kinabalu and much more. The next book is the second book I read about OSHO and this one, translated by Mr. Tomorn Sukpreecha, serves as a slow read. You just cannot skim through these proses for every word carries deep meaning and that’s the experience one should get when enjoying a wonderful time-off.

Devil May Care

I love all James Bond book and this is the latest I savoured weeks ago… Mr. Faulks writing as Ian Flemming did a wonderful job that makes me wonder how fun would it be if Mr. Bond eats something else and not the usual martini and his favorite breakfast. What about a shabu shabu meal with warmed sake while on a mission espionaging.

One thought on “Tucked in with wisdom

  1. Just got heaps of Jamie DVD through Amazon. He irritates the £$%^$£ out of me but the results have been spectacular. Great blog, keep going Traveller

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