Duckling Treat

Prachak 3Our two good neighbours came with the news that Prachak Restaurant on Charoenkrung (opposite Robinson where you can park at Bt20/hour) just turns 100 years old and they are celebrating by giving away free ‘shopping bag’ for those who shop/eat at their place for more than Bt500 or something (got the bag, and naturally forgot the whole deal). So we rushed there for the samplings.

Prachak 1The brisk business of this place is obvious; the person chopping the ducks is so busy getting the dishes/rice packs ready for customers to pick up that he can chop his own legs anytime. Prachak is a narrow shop house facing the main road with an elongated area down to the end of anothor road – a small soi known as ‘Trok Sung’ (coarsely translated as ‘the alley of the log’ for which the historical record says a big log was found in the area once surrounded by tributary canals off the Chaophraya) . They have upper level seatings, too, in case you find the ground floor already crowded at lunch time.

Prachak 2Prachak is known, obviously among those who read Fodor’s Guide to Thailand, to serve excellent Canton-style egg noodles, wantons, braised duck, grilled ducks, BBQ pork and crispy pork. We found the noodles very good, although you may find it a little bland for salty teeth, and their grilled duck superb especially accompanied with the braised sauce/broth.

Prachak 4But the place also has other menus as if they know who would be able to eat duck/pork/noodles everyday. A friend who once worked in the area frequented Prachak where she also ordered a lot of other things such as clear/milky fish tom yam soup, stir-fried rice noodle with egg and pork or whatever meat or veg you desire (pad see iew), and I particularly liked their rice with krapow crispy pork which can be as spicy as you wish. Their broth of bitter gourd/pork spare ribs is also heavenly done. The prices here are also reasonable. We usually pay about Bt150/person for 3-4 dishes.

Prachak 5To march into its new century, the restaurant keeps a website (Thai, though) and you can enjoy their story in a VDO clip that can not be turned OFF unless you click ‘Contact US’ just to shut them up. The place is open daily for lunch/dinner and close at 8pm. For more information,


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