Weekend Brunch At Indus

Considering the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words and today I am lazy. Here are the pictures of what we ate at Indus’ Weekend Brunch last week. This is a place confirmed by many people, myself included, for quality and taste and now their weekend brunch is getting popular thanks to the affordable price and good food selections.

This is their weekend brunch menu; you simply order until you explode. They have vegetarian, chicken, mutton and some prawn dishes. You will need some weekends to try them all.

First comes the assorted chutneys. Their mango and mint chutneys are sublime. You can also order the yoghurt and cucumber that is on the menu too.

This is mixed tandoori and tikka. All are delicious and not too salty to our tastes.  The mushroom is spiced and grilled, yummy!

Goan Prawn Curry – Wonderful and not so creamy. Perfect for weight-watcher like me 🙂

Can’t come to an Indian restaurant without having the butter chicken. The thick and creamy curry is a favorite, but the floating melted butter scared me quite a bit.

The garlic nan. So good.

The chicken biryani – wonderful, a bit too salty that day, but I still like it. The rice was soft and aromatic….and the beautiful serving copper bowl added to the aesthetic values.

And we had to try their ‘Tandoori Creamy Broccoli’ which we loved..

This is why we were worried at the butter chicken. This pistachio ice cream is so thick that you would think scone and clotted cream are healthy. Should finish it before it melts, for then you will realize you are practically eating spoons of condensed milk.

The Masala Chai…

And here is the total. Bt1,157 for two. The buffet is Bt490 net per person and does not include drinks (except for coffee or tea at the end). Apart from food, ambiance and service are excellent too. Location: Sukhumvit 26, T: 02-258-4900, Sat-Sun 11.30-15.00. If you like, free-flow drinks are Bt450 per person.


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