Hyde & Seek Lunch Experience

First, this is a lovely place to be. Cosy, stylish and makes you feel right in the middle of a good London pub, with a menu to match. We were there for a business set at Bt295, two courses of starter and main. Here’s the menu.

See, there’re quite a bit of choices. All tempting, but the sound of ‘Persian Feta’ just hit me, so I ordered the salad which comes creamy, tangy with small cubes of the cheese which is all very delicious. Here’s the salad, and ceasar salad my friend ordered (she opted the Parmesan out, hence no usual white springklings).

Salad of Persian feta here.

The Caesar salad. And here’s the main menu.

Naturally, my choice reflects my favorite, the duck leg confit which comes in an unusual pool of sauce (orange), saffron foam, a fresh veg salad which makes the should-be-crispier duck unnecessarily soaked and lost its distinct aroma and texture which make this dish so good. I would love to have my duck confit crispier and more aromatic and simply served with may be a fresh salad and chips.

This is fish & chips… My friend who ordered this is a man, so I could see his disappointment at the portion when this plate is served. I was hoping for bigger pieces of everything too after seeing the duck confit. But I tried his chips and it was excellent, light, crisp and perfectly tasted.

Here’s the dessert menu.

We ordered the jasmine flan, creme brulee and the panna cotta. I like mine the best, the creme brulee. Here it is. And it was such a nice ending.

Hyde & Seek  Gastro Bar is at Athenee Residence on Ruam Rudee. BTS is Ploenchit. T: 02 168-5152-3. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Their full bar is another magnet besides its food. All managed and created by the famous FLOW team. The place is not as big as you might have thought from the previously published magazine pictures. There are just a bunch of tables inside and quite a bit on the terrace.


2 thoughts on “Hyde & Seek Lunch Experience

  1. Thanks a lot! for recommendation. I love duck too! (…and chicken…). I will try it when I go to Bangkok,thank you.

  2. The calamari are quite good too, and if you are so inclined, the ribs with chocolate.
    The sandwhich is just evil (in a yummy way). I personally like the jasmine flan most, but I guess this is where tastes differ 🙂
    Yes, the portions are rather small, but tell me – weren’t you full afterward? Every time I ate there, I came out stuffed. I usually end up paying 500 (I never know exactly why), but it’s still real good value for money (in other places, you pay around 4 times that amount for comparable food).

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