A Platform to Heaven

Platform 1 Restaurant on Nakorn Chaisri Road is one of my favorite thanks to its lovely ambiance, food and service. This place used to focus just on Western dishes, but now they just added a full Vietnamese menu on top of their Western selections. I love all their food, and here are my selections for you.

A dish of Vietnamese appetizers with selections of Chao Tom (sugarcane shrimp) served with rice vermicelli and clear sweet sauce, deep-fried spring rolls and fresh spring rolls. Of course, this platter comes with a basket of fresh vegetables.

‘Klui poo’ or crab meat flute adorably served with sweet and spicy sauce. Personally, I don’t prefer deep-fried food, but this one is so good I couldn’t stop eating them.

One thing to judge a Vietnamese restaurant by is the taste of their pho or Banh Canh soup which is thicker rice noodle in broth.  This one is with pork sausage and the soup so sweet and aromatic I didn’t need to add any condiments, although a splash of fresh lime and fried dried chili are always nice. As a soup lover, this is my favorite.

But Platform 1 menu is so extensive you can order both Thai and Western dishes to please your craving. This is a delicious laab salmon made with Thai-style laab sauce (of toasted rice, chili, lime, shallot, mint and sawtooth coriander).

Or this ox-tongue stew on rice with the taste rich and intense enough to bring back the past when our parents brought us to an old dingy place selling just this dish in the China Town.

Spaghetti with Italian Sausage served with dried chili. I like the quality of the food here and I trust their cleanliness. Although this place is not on the cheap side, we indulge ourselves when it comes to a place we can take our mind off hygienic skepticism. BTW below is their famous appetizer of garlic clams on garlic toasts.

Platform 1 is on Nakorn Chaisri Road (off Samsen train station), open daily: 11am – 10pm. Private room for parties are available and the service is always lovely every time we visited. Parking is available, although quite limited, in the venue and you can park along the road outside if it is full. Call for details at T: 02 617 0181, 02 617 0188.

For a Thai review: http://www.bkkmenu.com/recommend/platform1.html

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