Flavours as Souvenir

On daily basis, Chef Vincent Thierry says he spends “enough” hours in his kitchen of Michelin three-star “Caprice” restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. But while working, he brings back memories he collected while traveling onto his signature dishes. One example is “Crab Tiramisu with Fruity Marinade and Tandoori Spices,” one of the appetizers he is now recreating at Madison of Four Seasons Bangkok.

In a brief cooking demonstration, Chef Thierry showed us how his trip to Japan resulted in this “sweet name but savoury” dish. He calls it “souvenirs of flavours” because once he got the idea, he brought together his past journeys, the flavours he tried on each different trips, onto this one single plate. In this case, the crab meat is from the sea of Thailand, the Masala spice from India, and others such as mascarpone cheese and cream from elsewhere. Here is what it looks like on our sampling plate.

For those looking to experience Chef Thierry’s Michelin-star culinary excellence, you should book a table early for only 5 days from NOW – 1 April 2011 that he is cooking 3-course lunch (Bt2,100 ++) and 5-course dinner (Bt3,200++ and with wine pairing at additional Bt4,500++).

On the menu I also see Langoustine Ravioli with Veal Sweetbreads and Wild Mushrooms in Shellfish Bisque Emulsion (above).

Obsiblue Prawn Carpaccio with Sour Cucumber, Wasabi Jelly and Osetra Caviar. And..

Racan Pigeon Feuillete with Foie Gras, Nori Seaweed and Sauteed Artichokes in Warm Vinaigrette.

Four Seasons Bangkok, T: 02 126 8866

One thought on “Flavours as Souvenir

  1. Delicious food indeed by Chef Vincent. Caprice at Four Seasons Hong Kong is really worth having the 3 Michelin star. Don’t miss trying his excellent dishes at Madison’s Caprice Promotion until April 1.

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