Portuguese at its Best

Tell me what could possibly be better than a simple great meal? One that will beckon you back over and over again?O’ Manuel, one of the oldest Portuguese establishments on Taipa of Macau, suits all criteria of a home-cuisine at its best. Run by Mr. O’ Manuel who daily shops and selects raw materials to feed his kitchen, this restaurant becomes my all-time favorite in Macau. In fact, it can be the reason that I go to Macau after all.As a lover of things super simple, I adore dishes that give me the real tastes of the ingredients. And this restaurant, with its menu containing all kinds of favorite Portuguese fare, does just that. I always order my favorite – their fresh and plump “Clams With Garlic and Chili Sauce.” Unlike this similar clam dish elsewhere, O’Maneul’s version is slightly spicy, tangy and I suspect it must contain more than a generous glut of the cooking white wine.Most Portuguese restaurants in Macau serve you a basket of bread, butter, and a dish of pickled olives as the appetizer. If you like the bread or are just plain hungry, you can always order some more for a small fee. Apart from being a nice pre-meal munchies, these breads become handy when you want to mop up the delicious sauces from the clam or the scrumptious “Fried Prawns with Garlic.”And then, there are other favorite dishes that I always order here, too. Their Grilled Pork Spare Ribs, for example, is as simple as it is so yummy. It is simply grilled and so aromatic you only need to enjoy it by itself. Or if you wish, O’ Manuel can provide you with his own homemade chili oil, below, to add the preferred heat. But for me, I just love the spare ribs served plain and simple.O’ Manuel’s is also very famous for Grilled Portuguese Sardines. This simple dish demands appreciation of the fish’s real taste, or if you like, you can add some splashes of olive oil or vinegar. But never, ever ask for a wedge or two of fresh lemon because O’ Manuel will just readily point out to you that it is not the way Portuguese have their beloved sardines.Well, Mr. O’ Manuell, why don’t you just try? :^__^And for a fulfilling effect, we finished our delicious meal with a bowl of Duck Rice which is available in “wet” and “dry” versions. We ordered ours “dry” that looks like this, and it is just lovely. P.S. This is a place where you can order desserts like baked apple, homemade pudding or even a glass of galao or just plain, strong cafe to finish off your lunch.

O Manuel (โอ มาแนล) Address: Rua Fernao Mendes Pinto, No.90, Taipa Village, Macau, Tel: (853) 2882 7571, 2882 5811, Open daily (except Wednesdays) from noon -3.30pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm.

Price: About MOP$150 – 200 per person

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